Road haulage services UK, London and Manchester

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When can you say that the road haulage services UK?

Road haulage services UK are characterized by large dimensions that exceed the standards specified precisely in the amendment to the Road Traffic Law of 2011 for vehicles traveling on roads. These types of products must be transported in a special way to guarantee their safety and the safety of all other road users. Loads exceeding 2.5 m in width, 16.5 m in length on a semi-trailer, 18.5 m in a trailer, 4 m in height, and a weight of 42 tons are classified as oversized loads and must be transported under special conditions. Examples of road haulage services UK include: agricultural and construction machinery, structural parts of wind farms, warehouses, halls, production lines, industrial equipment, tanks, steel structures, bridge spans, towers, as well as heavy construction, mining and road equipment. Their dimensions exceed legally defined standards for standard loads, and they are extremely heavy, which further complicates their transport.

Not every company offering road haulage services UK providing transport services can undertake the transport of this type of cargo, because special permits and licenses are required to carry out this type of cargo.

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